Thank you so much for an incredible reading ! Honestly you were amazing and I have to say I feel much lighter now and I feel great ! You are truly a blessing. I will definitely give you a call again !  Nadia 


Judy is Amazing. I left my reading feeling great and complete like I was on the right path in life and love. She was the reasurance I needed and I can't tell you how many times I got goose bumps while I sat there and watched her do what she does. Not only was she professional, she was warm and welcoming. Her gift she was given is amazing.Thank you, Judy


Hello Judy! I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything last Tuesday it really shed the light on a lot going on in my life! I'm so very happy I got to connect with my father and got some information on treating my little girls croup from my great grandmother who passed on well before I was born!! this meant so much to me you truly are remarkable with your gift!! thanks again and looking forward to a future reading!! Thanks Courtney

Hi Judy, Thank you so much for the wonderful and enlightening reading you gave me ! You were spot on with everything and you helped give me insight into quite a few questions I had on my mind. I look forward to seeing what my future holds in connection with what you told me. You are truely an inspiration and you have an amazing gift! Thank you for sharing your time with me! Iam very grateful and I most certainly will be back to see you again ! -Jessica

Hi Judy, I wanted to say thank you so much for the reading yesterday. You gave me so much insight into what is currently going on in my personal life at the moment and am trying my best to, as you put it, "stop worrying, girl!". I am entirely hopeful that my life will soon join with the life of the person we spoke about. Everything you spoke to is all I want in life and is what will make me truly happy. I am looking forward to it and am trying my best to expect the unexpected, as you had said to me. You hit it bang on when you said that I worry so much and that I think too much into things. You've given me so much to look forward to and I am trying my best to be patient in the moment and not think so much. I cannot thank you enough. Sara


Hi Judy Thank you so much for my reading, it helped me tremendously to put a fresh prospective on many things in my life. As well, you shed some light on an area of great stress that has allowed me to see things very differently. I was truly impressed and inspired that you were able to connect with my departed mom, dad and brother. You brought tears to my eyes when I heard what they had to say to me, I miss them so much. You truly have an amazing gift and I thank you for sharing it with me. I will return for sure. Cheryl

Thank you, Judy, for the amazing and accurate reading. I have had many readings in the past and it felt good to have my own concerns and impressions validated and added to by further details from you. You are very gifted and generous in your abilities. Thanks again. I will be back! Deborah

Hi Judy, Thank you so much for the recommendations.. Much appreciated.. I wanted to add that your reading gave me such a sense of weight being lifted from my shoulders.. I have never felt so free of worry.. Thank you again.. All the best, Margaret..

Dear Judy I meant you on Sat. at my sister Tammy's house. Just wanted to thank you because I had a talk with the person who did something that hurt my feelings all I can say is it went fabulous and no hard feeling. I knew that I need to talk to this person but I didn't want it to end badly as it was my boyfriend's daughter and she understood and started the conversation with an apology. And the other thing is that my girlfriend passed away a year ago December of the brain aneurysm and I was so caught up with Brian that when you said brain aneurysm I never even thought of her. I feel so bad that I was caught up in my own emotions that she might have been trying to tell me something we are a group of friends that were very close and I just don't even understand why I didn't even get her name. I don't know if there's anything there but I just wanted to say thank you so much it really helped me a lot! Jane L.

Hi Judy I just wanted to thank you for the amazing reading it was just what I needed to hear. Thank you for helping put things in to perspictive for me I will definitely come by again. Thank you T.H

Hi Judy, I just want to thank you for a reading you gave me a couple of weeks ago; it was incredibility insightful and inspirational. I walked away with a fresh prospective on the issues in my life! You are truly gifted. Cathy

I am very familiar with psychic readers and have had readings from accomplished readers close to me. I was looking for a fresh perspective and found Judy online while visiting my son in Peterborough. I was impressed and inspired by her ability to connect with my departed mother and pass encouraging advice. As well, she shed light into an area of great stress that allowed me to breathe and feel confident that healing was imminent. Judy is not only a gifted reader, but a wise counselor as well. I am so glad I have found her! Thank you for the smile I have not been able to muster for quite a while. Robyn

Thank you so much Judy for my reading this afternoon...it really meant a lot to me. The number of lives you have been able to touch in your life time will be far too many to count ! I feel very blessed to be one of them. L.

Thank you VERY much for today! It was wonderful and full of helpful knowledge and hope. You are very gifted and it's beautiful the way you can touch people lives. Hugs Joanne

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading yesterday. You were so dead on and so helpful. You helped me to look at things differently.
Thank you SP

Hi Judy, I just wanted to thank you again for today. You were bang on with everything, it was incredible! I also have to tell you this. My sister came a little while ago to pick her kids up and I was telling her about today. When I told her what you said about me looking for a ring, and that I would find it, that someone had it, not realizing they had it, she looked at me funny and said "I have it." This ring belonged to my great uncle Albert, and Tracy and I both remember her telling us it was his ring. (A signet ring with the letter A on it). Apparently other family members always thought it was the letter V, and that it belonged to our great grandfather, Albert's brother Verne. I'm still in shock, I can't believe I have found it already! Thanks so much!

Enjoyed my second reading with Judy - once again thought provoking entertaining - insightful - and inspiring. Just as a GPS is forever "RECALCULATING" when a driver does not follow the prescribed path...time spent in a "reading" more a "conversation" - with Judy allows the soul the same marvelous opportunity to "RECALCULATE". Take time to try it.

My friend Patti and I have had two readings from Judy and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My visit from Winnipeg is never complete without a visit to Judy! Judy is a very caring individual who provides advice and guidance in dealing with issues that arise from her reading. I had questioned whether my life was on the right path....but Judy's insightful reading confirmed that I needed to believe in myself and live my life with joy and confidence. Judy certainly has a gift and we would both highly recommend a reading with her. Thank you Judy!

Wenda and Patti

Thank you Judy for fantastic reading! I felt comfortable and immediately felt that I was in good hands. Your reading was very accurate. It was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend a reading with Judy!

Hi Judy, I want to thank you for the experience I had with you. My reading helped shed some light into my life and gave me a better understanding. I was amazed at how everything tied in together and all told the same thing. The information shared at the end of my reading being able to speak with my Dad, gave me peace knowing that he was aware that my heart was in the right place all the time and was always aware of my intentions. Again, I thank you for the opportunity.

Hi Judy, I just wanted to say thanks for coming out and sharing your talent! Your readings have really had a strong effect on us and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate it! I'm sure we will meet again in the future! Thanks again,

Judy, It was such a pleasure to meet with you. The reading I had with you has given me so much peace and joy. Which in the last year has escaped me. I go forward knowing that all is well with my family situation. The reading was amazing and how you tapped into things no one would know about gave acknowledgment that I need . You are truly very gifted. Bless you!!
C. Forbes

Judy, Words cant explain the gratitude for the information I received during our session. it gave me hope for my current situation and reaffirmed the path I had taken was the right one and strength to continue this journey. I have had tremendous doubt and despair after loosing my mother. With no real sounding board I have been wondering in a fog and truly question my ever decision. I can finally hold my head up and say yes this is what I'm going to do. Thank you for your guidance as I now feel I can walk with confidence again.

Hi Judy. I just wanted to thank you so much for coming out to Lakefield to do the readings for all of us gals on Saturday afternoon. You were so lovely and insightful and have a wonderful sense of humour – we all enjoyed ourselves very much. You were bang on in many areas of our lives. Thank you again! Cheers,

Dear Judy, My deepest gratitude for your reading this morning. Wow - I'm not sure I can even put into words yet how amazed I am - still so blown away! As I continue to reflect on our visit, I have more 'aha' moments about things you said - and I smile. I am still blown away with amazement at the level of accuracy with which you pinpointed things to my life so specifically - and the way you present this information is very gentle and so very helpful. You are truly gifted as well as exceptionally knowledgeable and professional. The visit with my father at the end, although taking me by great surprise, was quite therapeutic. I will be back for sure. I would be very interested in taking some of your workshops in the future so if you have a contact list for this, please include me! Again, thank you so much and God Bless!

Hi Judy, I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to the house today to do readings for my friend Kit and I. The readings were insightful and in-depth. To have many of my feelings validated was a relief to say the least and I believe the information and wisdom that you imparted will be very beneficial. I feel as if a weight has been lifted and I am very glad to have taken part in a card reading. I have already recommended you to family and friends, as I believe what you said was accurate and true in many accounts. Thank you again for taking the time to come see us.

Dear Judy,
I want to thank you so much for an incredible reading!! You were honest and compassionate, you didn't rush through the reading...you took extra time to be thorough and put my mind at ease. I came hoping to hear what I wanted to hear....instead you gave me what I needed to hear... the truth.... as hard as it is sometimes to listen to... I am so grateful. Thank you for the allowing me a brief moment with my mother...it sent chills through me!!! You are so kind and have such a caring demeanor. I hope you Will post this on your testimonial page as I wish for everyone to know how extremely wonderful you are, with hope that more people will come to you for enlightenment and hope!!!! You truly are amazing!!!! Love and may God continue to bless you and your work

The wonderful gift Judy processes is her calming presence and sincere desire to help you discover your inner self. I have had 2 readings in person and 1 on the phone that have been so amazingly accurate and helped me discover obstacles I could overcome to make my life more fulfilled. Her readings are very reassuring that you are on the right path and that your own intuitive self can be trusted. Judy is an amazing spiritual guide and having a reading from her will change your perspective and the way you view your life.
Patricia Kenney - Texas

Thank you Judy. That is exactly what I needed and am working on. Bless you for the work you do.

Reading with Judy are conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where one feels comfortable and at ease. Judy's approach is professional with a good dose of humor which guaranties a satisfying and fun session. I always receive insightful information which confirms I am on the right track, as well as pointing me in a new direction if need be. 
Claude Remillard

I have been going to Judy's Meditation classes for over a year now and not only has she taught me how to relax and release control so spirit may come through, I have also received ( most gratefully ) many messages from Judy over the year that have been incredibly accurate - even when I did not immediately understand the message - a few days later and there it would be - the message right in front of me. I have a family member who had a very devastating stroke a year ago and was left paralyzed and unable to speak - Judy has shed light on things that would have not occurred to me to try and communicate more effectively and also given me messages in regards to things that my family member was trying to say but I could not understand - all this and the family member was not even in the same town as we are. I would highly recommend a reading with Judy if your looking for some spirit insight into situations that need your attention and if your just a curious soul - Judy would be the one who could make you a believer! So whether you are looking to learn how to relax by way of meditation or looking to let spirit into your life - I would most definitely say that Judy can help, I know she helped me. Sincerely;
Robin Hook

I have met Judy Morgan through circle at Sadleir House. Received messages from Judy that totally tuned into what I was questioning about my situation and was not expressing out loud. She was able to expand on the information by asking questions that only I could relate to. This provided me with a clearer understanding of the direction my life is taking.

Judy Morgan at Divine Inspirations is one of my favorite speakers from Speaker of the Heart. Judy kindly sponsored our speakers series right from the beginning, gifting speakers with crystals, books, music and meditation cd's, sage, jewelery, carvings and very special mementos from the heart. When Judy finally agreed to speak, she enthralled the audience with her quiet grace, insight and words of wisdom. On a personal level, I fondly remember many visits with Judy and her steady, calming ways. She is lovely and so very gifted and I highly recommend any services she offers. Thank you, Judy Morgan, for being you!
Love, Mary

Judy has not only given me readings, messages but has led guided meditations. She has been a mentor to me on my personal journey, offering me advice and support just when I needed it.

Driving around town one day, thinking I was heading home, I found myself driving into her parking lot. Not knowing why I was there, I walked in and started looking around the store. Although I did not find anything that wanted to come home with me, I was intrigued by what I saw. Further visits ensued and as I learned more about Judy and her gifts, I decided to have a mini reading from her. With no specific question in mind I sat down. I had a ton of stuff going on in my life and felt overwhelmed but not sure what was bothering me in that moment. The deck was shuffled and cards laid and I gazed at them thinking what nice cards they were. She started reading the cards and I had the "Oh My Goodness" moment. I had only told her that I wanted a reading and that I didn't have a question. She was able to tell me what to watch out for in the situation I was in. I was so impressed I not only bought a pack of the same cards she was using, I also bought some crystals which she recommended.

I recently participated one of Judy’s many workshops; this one was on crystals. It was obvious right from the start just how knowledgeable she was with crystals – she referred to a book only once or twice when fielding questions at the end of the workshop. She really taught me a lot in that workshop and has inspired a love for crystals in me.

Sunday nights seemed like an empty night of the week on my time schedule until Judy started her spiritual gatherings. Off I would head to seek her wisdom and get messages. She can really ‘hit the nail on the head’ and often I got goose bumps when she was speaking

Although I am very sad to see Judy’s store Divine Inspirations close, I look forward to watching another chapter in Judy’s life unfold.

Judy’s reading was excellent, she completely understood my situation immediately and treated my concerns in an empathetic manner. Her approach is positive and friendly, I would recommend her for an insightful reading of what is taking place in your life. Thank-you Judy.

Judy I enjoyed my reading soooooo much!!! I will most definitely call upon you again in the future.I am still blown away that you were even able to name a person in my life that has impacted everything!!! Like I said everything you said made perfect sense and I was blown away. Thanks Kindest regards

I have know Judy for several years. I have watched her grow spiritually and intuitively. The messages that I have received from Judy have been accurate, tested and true. Her compassion and humble ways are what make for a sincere reading. I would recommend her without hesitation.

I found my reading to be very helpful and insightful.There was a situation with my motorcycle that was right on the money. Thanks Judy
Jack B.

Judy has done readings for me and it amazes me how many times she has told me things and they have actually happen. She has told me things about my job which at the time I thought there is no way that was going to happen and it did. She told me once during my reading that a person I know at work was going to have an affair and I would know both parties but I did not work with both parties. Sure enough on several occasions I was having lunch and saw my friends husband out with the girl I worked with. Judy has meet with friends and family members and they can't believe the amount of things Judy has told them that has actually happen. I recall one time she phoned my sister in law and told her not to go to visit her that weekend because she had a vision that a blue car was going to get in an very bad accident. The accident did happen but it was not with my sister in-law but my sister in-laws cousin. I have never met any one like Judy and I would highly recommend her if you would like to have a reading.